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Mobile Tornado reseller Storm is enhancing safety and efficiency with PTToC solution: Civitas Group

Civitas Group

Civitas Group, a leading security company in Romania, has been providing exceptional security services for nearly three decades. Established in 1994, Civitas Group has grown to become one of the largest security firms in the country, boasting a workforce of 3,600 employees. With 1,460 active customers and 5,000 secured locations, Civitas Group serves a diverse range of industries, including international airports, petroleum, retail, and automotive manufacturing.

Solution: Enhancing Safety and Efficiency

Civitas Group partnered with Storm, a European reseller of technologies developed by Mobile Tornado, to enhance the protection of critical infrastructure across Romania for a major oil, gas, and petrochemicals client. Recognising the potential of Storm’s push-to- talk over cellular (PTToC) solution, Civitas Group sought to improve safety and operational efficiency in this complex environment.

Storm’s advanced PTToC solution offers seamless communication capabilities for both individuals and groups. Storm’s world-leading PTToC technologies can seamlessly switch between mobile and broadband networks, including 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, and 5G. Additionally, Storm’s command console provides valuable features, including employee location monitoring, tracking, SOS emergency alerts, and lone worker support, ensuring optimal safety for the company’s workforce.

By leveraging Storm’s cutting-edge PTToC solution, Civitas Group is able to provide unparalleled security services while maintaining a strong focus on safety and efficiency.


  1. Enhanced safety: With Storm’s PTToC solution, Civitas Group can ensure the safety of both the public and their employees. The seamless communication capabilities and features like SOS emergency alerts and lone worker support enable quick response times and immediate assistance in case of emergencies. This leads to a safer working environment and reduces the risks associated with their operations.
  2. Improved operational efficiency: The implementation of Storm’s PTToC solution enables fast and reliable communication between individuals and groups. This enhances overall operational efficiency by streamlining coordination, facilitating real-time decision-making, and enabling swift response to critical situations. The command console’s employee location monitoring and tracking features further optimize resource allocation and improve workflow management.
  3. Optimal infrastructure protection: By leveraging Storm’s PTToC solution, Civitas Group can effectively protect critical infrastructure across Romania for their major oil, gas, and petrochemicals client. The reliable communication provided by Storm’s solution ensures seamless employee coordination and collaboration, enabling prompt identification and response to potential threats or security breaches. This helps safeguard the client’s infrastructure and minimizes the risk of disruptions or damages.
  4. Industry leadership and reputation: Utilizing Storm’s world-leading PTToC technologies positions Civitas Group as an industry leader in Romania’s security sector. The adoption of advanced communication solutions demonstrates their commitment to leveraging innovative technologies to deliver superior services. This enhances their reputation as a reliable and forward-thinking security company, potentially attracting new clients and business opportunities.
  5. Cost savings: By implementing Storm’s PTToC solution, Civitas Group can potentially achieve cost savings in their operations. The efficient communication capabilities offered by Storm’s solution eliminate the need for additional communication infrastructure or equipment, reducing maintenance and operational costs. Additionally, the improved operational efficiency and streamlined workflows can lead to optimized resource utilization, further reducing expenses.

Overall, the outcomes for Civitas Group as a customer utilizing Storm’s PTToC solution are improved safety, enhanced operational efficiency, optimal infrastructure protection, industry leadership and potential cost savings. These outcomes enable them to provide exceptional security services to their clients in various sectors.