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Utilising PTToC to enhance workforce performance

pttoc for workforce performance

Having efficient, reliable communication is vital for effective workforce management, especially when dealing with a remote workforce. It not only benefits the business, it also ensures the upmost safety of its employees.

With push-to-talk over cellular technology, remote workforces can be managed from a central command and control centre, known as a dispatch console. Communication improvements, increased efficiency, and enhanced employee security are just some of the advantages of PTToC for quality workforce management, helping your business provide the best service possible.

Perfect for a variety of remote workforces, such as security firms, construction, transportation and police forces, we share how a push-to-talk over cellular system can support and dramatically improve workforce performance.

Improved communication.

Push-to-talk over cellular (PTToC also known as PoC) enables instant, reliable, and secure communication, allowing you and up to 5000 remote employees to communicate seamlessly, no matter where they are in the world.

Unlike more traditional legacy two-way radios, as well as enabling voice communication, PTToC technology also enables workforces to share images, files and videos and messages, allowing for more detailed information to be sent at the touch of a button.

Thanks to the low latency of PTToC solutions, there is little to no difference between a traditional one-to-one PTT call and a call between 1000 people, which is key to clear and effective workforce management.

And for employees who regularly switch up their location, PTToC technology can seamlessly change between cellular and broadband technology, avoiding any interruption in communications.

Push-to-talk mobile device management ensures secure communication among employees and enables you to control how devices are used. Devices can be set to single application mode or to multi-application mode where users are limited to approved applications. This reduces the risk of external application use and creates trust between all workforce members.


As all functionalities are in one place, the PTToC solution improves workforce efficiencies and allows messages, media, files, and even employee locations to be sent in real time,

The PTT application can also be applied to a wide range of encrypted devices, from different mobile handsets, such as iPhone or android, to rugged and field devices, and tablets. This is not just convenient, it is also great for cutting costs on additional technology, which can be a huge expense for larger workforces.


Using the location feature and with access to GPS-enabled devices, workforce leaders are able to track the whereabouts of relevant employees in real time, and act accordingly in an instant.

Many businesses lose both time and money waiting to get the right people to the right place at the right time, and so this feature reduces the time spent locating, and consequently reacting, allowing workforces to carry out the working day in the most efficient way possible.

Increased employee safety.

When working remotely, employee safety is at the core of good workforce management. Whilst employees are not under one roof, they can be exposed to a wide range of risks, from weather issues to heightened crime areas.

Enabling you to track the location of your employees, along with the range of lone worker safety features, including SOS alerts, means that the PTToC solution will ensure your workforce feels more secure at all times.

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