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Mobile Tornado unveils its software radio bridge solution for seamless communication

Welcome to “Generation Real-Time”, where effective and real-time communication is not just a luxury amongst workers – it’s a necessity. In today’s fast-paced world, organisations need to enhance their communication capabilities without the complexity of hardware replacements. According to Gartner, 87% of employees believe that effective communication has a significant impact on their job performance and overall productivity. With this in mind, we’re thrilled to

But how does this solution work? Let’s dive in and explore its features…


Enhancing communication capabilities made easy.

Our Software Radio Bridge Solution represents a significant milestone in the Interoperability of land radio and digital mobile systems with PTToC (push-to-talk over cellular) systems. This innovative software-based solution empowers traditional radio system owners to optimise their communication networks without replacing existing systems or adding additional hardware layers. An invaluable solution given that, a study conducted by Deloitte found that organisations that adopted software-based communication solutions saw a 19% increase in operational efficiency compared to those that relied solely on hardware solutions. By seamlessly integrating two-way radios with PTToC technology, we’ve created a powerful and cost-effective solution that takes communication integration to the next level.

A smooth transition to next-generation communication.

Transitioning to new communication systems can be intimidating and expensive. Fortunately, our Software Radio Bridge solution offers a smooth and gradual migration to PTToC technology. Organisations can now test the PTToC solution before fully committing and extend their footprint without having to invest in additional expensive radio infrastructure; minimising disruptions and allowing users to experience the benefits firsthand.

It was found that organisations that adopted a gradual migration approach reported a 25% reduction in downtime during the transition period compared to those that implemented a sudden system overhaul. Our Software Radio Bridge solution empowers organisations to embrace the future of communication at their own pace, without the immediate need for a complete system overhaul. This flexibility ensures a seamless transition and smooth adoption of the latest communication technology.

Unleashing the power of PTToC technology.

Imagine a communication ecosystem that combines the familiarity of traditional radio systems with the reliability, efficiency and versatility of PTToC technology. That’s exactly what Mobile Tornado’s Software Radio Bridge Solution offers. By seamlessly connecting our PTToC platform with traditional LMR (land mobile radio) and DMR (digital mobile radio) systems, it unleashes the full potential of PTToC technology. This intuitive software integrates seamlessly with existing traditional radio systems, allowing organisations to leverage the benefits of PTToC without compromising their current infrastructure. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to a new era of communication integration!

Expanding the communication horizon.

At Mobile Tornado, we’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries of communication integration. In addition to our Soft Switch solution, we also offer the Radio over IP Gateway (RoIP) solution. This bridges the gap between two-way radio networks and our application through advanced digital voice processing technology. With three gateway options available, we cater to the diverse needs of organisations, whether they require large-scale integration, small-scale integration, or medium-scale integration. Whatever your communication integration needs may be, we’ve got you covered!

Discover the future of communication integration with Mobile Tornado.

Put simply, Soft Switch is a game-changer in the mission-critical communication industry. By seamlessly integrating two-way radios with PTToC technology, we empower organisations to enhance their communication capabilities without the complexity of hardware replacements. This achievement not only sets a new standard for interoperability but also solidifies our position as a leader in the industry. As organisations strive to optimise their communication networks and improve operational efficiency, we continue to be at the forefront, providing innovative solutions that redefine the possibilities of mission-critical communication.

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