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5 Ways Push-To-Talk over Cellular Benefits Your Business

Push-to-talk over cellular (PTToC) has many benefits that streamline communications and workforce management for businesses across all industry sectors. Communication is critical for business operations that utilise remote teams and lone workers meaning a sophisticated communication system is key to minimising risk and improving efficiency.

Read on for our list of the top five benefits push-to-talk over cellular has for businesses, and how you can incorporate them into your operations.

Improved Efficiency

PTToC allows for instant communication between team members, no need for dialling or waiting for the other person to answer and no missed calls! This, together with the lowest latency of any push-to-talk over cellular solution on the market and a seamless switch between broadband and cellular technology, means that tasks can be completed more quickly and efficiently, leads to increased productivity

Increased Safety

PTToC can be used across a range of environments where keeping employees safe is a concern,. With PTToC, users can quickly and easily communicate with each other with hands free functionality, even in situations where traditional cellular communication may not be possible. This includes being able to send instant SOS and man down alerts which is particularly beneficial for lone workers. For businesses that operate in areas with poor mobile signal, PTToC is highly reliable and robust compared to traditional cellular communication as PTToC can still provide clear communication with a near instant connection.

Cost Savings

PTToC can have far greater cost efficiency than traditional cellular communication, particularly for businesses that rely on a large number of phone calls or messages. Mobile Tornado offers tailored PTToC packages to suit the needs of your business, which avoids paying for more users than you need.  What’s more, our PTToC solution can be integrated to a wide range of devices. As well as saving money, PTToC can also keep things simple and make life easier for users by significantly reducing the number of devices they are required to carry.

Improved Group Communication

PTToC allows for group communication, enabling team members to quickly and easily communicate with multiple people at the same time. This improves business efficiencies and can be particularly useful for businesses that rely on a large number of team members working in a range of locations

Enhanced Coverage

PTToC can be used in areas where cellular coverage may be limited. This is particularly useful for businesses that operate in remote locations or areas with poor cellular coverage. Businesses will still have a reliable line of communication with their employees, including lone workers, even if there’s limited cellular coverage, which can greatly improve the safety and efficiency of the operations.

In summary, PTToC communication offers many benefits for businesses, including improved efficiency, increased safety, cost savings, improved group communication, and enhanced coverage. It is a reliable and cost-effective communication method that can greatly improve the workflow and safety of any business.

With PTToC, businesses can have a more efficient and effective way of communicating, which can lead to increased productivity and improved business efficiencies.

For more information, visit the Mobile Tornado push-to-talk over cellular solution page or contact us to discuss your business’s specific needs.