Case study – Jerusalem Light Rail

How Mobile Tornado Enhances Jerusalem Light Rail Security with its advanced PTT app and Dispatcher

The Challenge

The Jerusalem Light Rail has been the target of riots and some stone-throwing incidents. Since public safety and uninterrupted operation are key success factors for Jerusalem Light Rail, it was looking for a full-featured instant communication solution to integrate into its Light Rail system. Jerusalem Light Rail was in need of a more efficient and secure communication system that would meet the most stringent security standards to keep passengers at the stations, on the platforms and on the trains safe. It also wanted to replace its outdated communication system running on Motorola iDEN technology (MIRS). That’s why Jerusalem Light Rail was looking for a solution that would help its personnel to detect and assess threats in real-time, and follow up on those immediately. The latter was especially problematic, since arresting criminal elements at the stations, on the platforms or in the trains was frustrated by lack of quick assistance.

The Solution

Jerusalem Light Rail was looking for a communication system that would strengthen its security in a large geographic area without any additional communication infrastructure investments. Jerusalem Light Rail turned to Mobile Tornado for its advanced PTT app and Dispatcher. Since June 2016, Mobile Tornado’s carrier-grade Instant Talk PTT over Cellular (POC) solution provides Jerusalem Light Rail personnel with reliable and fast (sub-second) communications. At the stations, Mobile Tornado’s state-of-the-art Dispatch console allows supervisors to communicate with security personnel to handle sudden threats and incidents. Mobile Tornado’s deployed Dispatcher and installed PTT app therefore allow security personnel to interact easily with their colleagues and operators.

“We have installed Mobile Tornado’s PTT solution in the Jerusalem Light Rail system, and we have been using the Push-to-Talk app for 11 months now. We are pleased with the professional results of the Mobile Tornado PTT solution. We are now able to secure the stations, and the communication between security guards has improved significantly. The application works efficiently across all kinds of smart phones and desktops. Personally, I especially like its prominent features such as group call, voice recording and instant emergency alerts that are critical in our work.”

Jerusalem Light Rail Control Room – Shift Manager


How it works

At the time of a significant event, the security officer with rugged/non-rugged mobile device selects the SOS option on his/her PTT phone app which interacts with Dispatcher. The Dispatcher then sets up the call and can record it in high-quality sound. The geolocation feature helps to detect the location of the PTT app users. The Dispatch console operators can view where security staff is and which area urgently and instantly needs more security assistance and threat management.

  • The PTT app is used by hundreds of security officers making all Jerusalem Light Rail trains and almost all platforms secure
  • 5 central Dispatcher stations are used for communications, managing the locations of security staff and recording all conversations
  • Mobile Tornado’s PTT application enable Jerusalem Light Rail to constantly communicate in very large group calls, 24/7 and on a very stable, reliable and High Availability platform.

Using the PTT app, security personnel and train inspectors are able to communicate effectively with another to learn and inform about each event that is happening – regardless of location. In such a case, Dispatch operators can quickly communicate the issue to the concerned group by using the app’s group call feature or emergency SOS alert notification. For instance, if a threat occurs at a remote station, personnel can send/receive emergency alerts and calls to rectify the high-priority problem without any delays.

This application provides effective emergency assistance. Instant group talk and instant messaging make it easier to connect, especially with designated groups. The app enables clear messages for relevant people only.

Security Manager – Shift Supervisor, Field Team


During rush hour, it was difficult for Jerusalem Light Rail to ensure every aspect of security all the time. With Mobile Tornado’s PTT app, station personnel can stay in touch with each other and know in advance if additional personnel should be deployed to boost security. The PTT Instant Communication on rugged devices allows hundreds of security officers to remain connected which ensures:

  • Station/platform safety
  • Train safety
  • Passenger safety

Dispatcher operators are able to monitor and manage their daily activities easily with:

  • PTT Call Management
  • Instant messages to individuals and groups
  • Location Tracking
  • Managing alarm and emergency events
  • Recording of all audio calls
  • Emergency response activities
  • Threat alerts communication

Jerusalem Light Rail personnel especially like the “Page Me” option, which enables personnel to accept or deny the call depending on their requirements. They also like the ability to set their status as ‘Do Not Disturb’ when they are off duty.


With Mobile Tornado’s advanced PTT app and Dispatcher, Jerusalem Light Rail can better secure its stations, platforms, trains, passengers and personnel. The PTT app, which runs on a wide range of smartphones and rugged devices, is easy to use with advanced options. Mobile Tornado is a veteran provider of carrier-grade instant communication solutions for enterprise and services companies. Mobile Tornado has successfully delivered PTT apps for organizations where instant communication greatly enhances workforce productivity, workforce management, and incident management.For more information, visit