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Meet Shahar Doron, managing director of MT Labs

Shahar is the person in charge of the company’s growing product portfolio, technology operations and development roadmap. Here, he speaks about the launch of the world’s leading push-to-talk over cellular (PTToC) platform with integrated workforce management technology, the evolving market for critical communications and how Mobile Tornado is expanding into new territories.

Tell us about yourself: I have worked at Mobile Tornado for the past seven years and have extensive experience in the telecommunications industry. Our company is considered the industry’s leading provider of critical communications. I am 48 years old, happily married and the father of two amazing children.

What’s new with Mobile Tornado? In the past 18 months, we have been investing a lot in our technology. We think our newest development will create a lot of buzz in the market. It is the world’s first PTToC platform with integrated workforce management. This will be a new growth engine for our company with its unique technical capabilities and feature sets. It will create a lot of opportunities.

Why is this integration significant? There are many different providers of critical communications and workforce management technologies but Mobile Tornado is the only one that offers a best-in-grade integrated system. End users don’t want to get mixed up between different applications on different devices, especially when they are in challenging environments. They can run one application on one smartphone or ruggedised device, giving them robust and reliable critical communications and business intelligence tools to manage remote workers and improve processes and productivity.

How does Mobile Tornado serve the global market? In the westernised world, you have good coverage with LTE, 5G and WiFi.  In regions such as Latin America and Africa, you experience more challenging network conditions. Our technology has unique mechanisms and protocols aimed towards these markets where you have 2G and 3G in some areas, meaning we can work under these challenging conditions. We allow our users to communicate with minimum consumption of bandwidth.

How is the market evolving? I’m respectful to the legacy radios networks and architectures but PTToC is far more cost effective and offers a far more robust and enhanced feature set. If you use our application with Android or iOS smartphones, the cost of a device is far lower than traditional radios, which need their own base stations and networks and have a coverage which is less than cellular and broadband. Mobile Tornado’s feature set includes multi-media instant messaging with pictures and videos and best-in-class dispatch console software with enhanced management capabilities. In addition, we are the first PTToC provider to develop and sell globally the PTT mobile device management (MDM) solution for better privacy protection and to ensure that devices are always used correctly.

Can you describe your partners and end users? We work with mobile network operators which deploy our platform within their data centres and sell our software as a service to their customers. Our end users include those working in public and private sectors: emergency services, logistics, transportation, construction, utilities, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and recycling. We work directly with several organisations in government agencies while deploying private PTT platforms and we work with professional integrators who are experts in the critical communications industry.

Where is Mobile Tornado expanding its presence? We are growing in Latin America by moving into the new Central American markets of Guatemala and El Salvador with our business partners Grupo Atención and Claro. We are planning to expand further into countries like Costa Rica, Honduras and Nicaragua. We are working with new markets within the EMEA region, including the Middle East. Mobile Tornado is getting a lot of traction as the market starts to understand the actual value of our new technology. Expect some good news over the short-term period.

What is the Mobile Tornado strategy? We are being as flexible and agile as possible as we help our customers to get best-in-grade push-to-talk over cellular and workforce management solutions combined. On the technical route, we take no prisoners. We require ourselves to have the best technology in the world.

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